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Paper cut artcraft is the same as the magic performance

Later, I went to the Central Street, it is open architectural art museum, it is a very beautiful and distinctive streets. Central Avenue Harbin is Asia's largest longest pedestrian street, it is on both sides of a wide variety of European architecture. Meet with it before I had learned its style. Building on both sides of the street there is the way the European Renaissance, baroque, there are, as well as Art Nouveau period of the seventeenth century eclecticism. It is really a very special street. There are beautiful square stone road, its projections to look like a small Russian bread, very cute. It is also said to Russian engineers built.

Later, I went to the Songhua River, the Songhua River is very wide, there are many boats on it, ship construction beautifully. China has a very magical creatures called dragons, legend it is very long, very long, as long as the Songhua River. In the Songhua River side, I saw a monument to commemorate the victory over the former flood, I think Chinese people are very powerful, very great.
Night when I visited the ice. Ice traditional Chinese dragon and phoenix auspicious animals, looks very beautiful. My favorite is the colorful castle, it's very beautiful at night, when I stood in front of the castle, as if in a romantic fairy tale world. Ice carving are too great, and I admire him.
Beautiful Harbin cold, this year I came to the very beautiful city of Mudanjiang. At school, I met Chinese friends, they were very friendly, there is a small partner sent a card paper-cut to me, I am very happy, because people on my paper-cut. Paper-cut is the Chinese ancient culture, folk culture from which I feel, simple, elegant.
That is very intersting, i love 2 things, one is paper cut, the other is magic perfermance, the Paper cut tranning my hands, and the the magic show also need my hands move fast. For magic show like the wallet playing cards exchanger, i can use this tool to change the playing cards that i need in front of the audiance, cause this wallet tool to exchange the cards is very simple, not like the lens cards need to wear the contact lenses. Just need me to move my hand in fast way.
Russians prefer the natural taste of food which does not vinegar, spicy, school cafeteria, there are many I have not eaten food, such as Spicy, Spicy but I suspect it is really healthy? Canteen food and some spicy, first time I ate tears, but then got used to it. One day, I ate canteen spicy pot, returned to the bedroom found a bag of potato chips is spicy pot taste, really interesting, China is probably the only country in the world a taste of spicy pot of potato chips. China's junior partner said they put vinegar dumplings, dumplings but we put salad dressing.
Mudanjiang is China's Syracuse, the next time I want to enjoy the snow fort landscape. I know there is a Mudanjiang "Eight female cast River" story in the war, there are eight young girls, in order to protect our own troops surrounded the main waterfront, the girls did not surrender, jumped into the river to sacrifice, and they heroism I was very moved.
I came to China more than a year, this country is very distinctive, attractive, my memory will always have a landscape, that is, China