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Something about Dani Stern

According to Stern, who took two TwoPlusTwo to document the situation, he was cheated out of €18,000 at Casino Barcelona in a €100/€200 pot-limit Omaha cash game. It's important to note that while the incident occurred at the same time of the EPT12 Barcelona, the cash games are not run by the tour, and are in fact kept in house at Casino Barcelona.

The incident centers around a big three-way pot that saw players get the chips in on the flop. All agreed to run it twice, with Stern winning one run out and the player in the big blind winning the other. However, that's when things unraveled as the player in the big blind claimed running it twice only applied to the side pot, as house rules dictated players cannot run it twice in multi-way pots.

A floor initially ruled in Stern's favor – which was backed up by other players in the game such as Thomas Bichon and Juha Helppi – but another floorman, who refused to give his name, reversed the decision and ended up awarding the entire €36,000 main pot to the big blind.