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Copag 1546 marked deck of cards for infrared vision lens

Omaha Poker is easy to learn, difficult to master. Compared to the blackmail in Texas Hold'em Poker,  Omaha Poker is more focused on the face number. In Omaha poker, the hand value is very important because the best possible hand often wins. By the way, the marked playing cards magic trick also can help you to seize the chance to win high profits. Because like the Copag 1546 marked cards can be seen by the infrared vision contact lens, so you can know you hand is better than others or not.

There are two types of Omaha Poker, respectively Omaha high and Omaha high-low. The first is a Omaha high, that is to say only focus on ratio of the cards number. The second is Omaha high-low, that is the ratio of the big one as well as the small one.

Omaha high is the mainly game in Omaha Poker, but the Omaha high-low is also very popular. In Europe Omaha high is in a dominant position, and in the US Omaha high / low is more and more popular.