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Professional's marked deck poker life for 2016 WPT

2016 World Poker Tour (WPT) LA Poker Classic Main Event, there just two days.
Today should be a relatively long day, six-handed final table action will come to an end.
Mike Shariati leading into the first five days, 245 million in chips, making him more unique than two million  players.
If Shariati can continue his run and earn a championship crown, then send him shooting up the WPT Player of the Year standings. Now, games are usually going to win, but in the case of Shariati, and even more significant to the POY race, because he has this season to win a WPT title.
Shariati\\\\\\\'s live tournament resume, as we can see, is actually quite interesting. The vast majority of the game and his cash are below $ 1,000.
Shariati was not the only former WPT champion championship alive. An "old" faces from poker fans a decade ago will admit he often appeared on television during the poker craze is John "Johnny World" Hennigan. Hennigan also Poker bracelets, 29 WSOP cash total, nine WPT cash three World Series.
WPT LA Poker Classic Main Event will resume at noon local time on Wednesday, the fourteen other players battling it out as one of the six seats at the final table.