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Invisible Ink Contact Lenses

Invisible ink contact lenses can read the invisible ink marks which cannot be seen by naked eyes. This type of contact lenses named after its cool function. Poker player and magician could drop the question of how to read the marked deck finally if they get this type of contact lenses.
There are different quality level for the invisible ink contacts lenses, so the price are also in wide range to satisfy the customers with different needs. No matter the professional level quality or the cheap price is required, you never failed to pick the perfect one pair from here.
Experienced lenses technician would suggest you to discard the rotten contact lenses with poor quality ingredients which hurts eyes only. Even though the invisible ink lenses price is much lower, actually it is no good to the real playing cards game.
Considering the eyes health issue, we adopt the embedded coloring process during the invisible ink contact lenses procedure. It can prevent pigment from adhering to cornea, and also offers different color for customer to choose.
Enjoying the game with the high quality invisible ink contact lenses by the new generation sandwich technology 2019 to detect the advanced luminous marked cards, never feel the Texas Holden and blackjack game so easy.

X Ray Contact Lenses for Marked Cards

Endure enough as a failure on the poker table? Eager to bit a bullet to change the situation and decide to use the anti poker cheating device to detect any cheating marked playing cards? X Ray contact lenses for marked cards would be on the top of your shopping list.
No need to check here and there, we provide the high definition x ray contact for marked cards to meet different poker player or magician's requirements.
With the comfortable x-ray contact lenses and clear marked cards, sooner or later, you will become the master on the poker table or magician.

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