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  • Blog: Many people will concern the price of the sunglasses or infrared contact lens and marked cards. But they won't know the different price are with different quality class. Normally, higher price decks is good marking quality. and low price is bad marking quality. Many people just thought the cheap price is most important. But they don't think about the safety. Buy good marking quality marked cards will much safe when you play the game. cause other people won't see the infrared ink on the playing cards.

  • Blog: How use the poker analyzer in the magic show<br> Video is all the rage on the Internet and is becoming more popular with every passing day. Use video to teach you how to use the poker cheating device is more effect way to know how the poker scanner and poker analyzer works. Uses with a mobile device or tablet are three times more likely to look at a video, as opposed to laptop or desktop users.

  • Blog: Was die Pokerwelt betrifft, so hat sich das Kalenderjahr 2015 zu einem Ende gekommen. In Pokernews Tradition, unsere Mitarbeiter durch die Archive verschoben und über die spannendsten Geschichten des Jahres gegangen, um festzustellen, was wir fühlen, sind die Top-10 des Jahres. Unsere Liste wurde auf der Grundlage einer Abstimmung von Mitarbeitern und Publikum Feedback erzeugt.

  • Blog: When forge boy grown up, he try his best to become a gentleman. He try to master of the his own life. It is like on the poker game, his want to take in charge of poker game, and know each piece of the cards point and color ahead. How can he done this? only with the contact lens and marked cards can help, and his practice every days before to he enter into the poker club.

  • Blog: Many people probably did not think, in fact, is the name of Schengen in Luxembourg in a small village. Luxembourg drive along Highway 23 to the southeast European direction, along the way will see the "Schengen" signs, about half an hour to the famous village of Schengen. It is one of only a few hundred families in the small village, clear Mosuo Er river flowing slowly across the river in Germany, south of France. In other words, Schengen is France, Germany and Luxembourg, the junction of the three countries, described as cock Three of the land.

  • Blog: My life is limited, but knowledge is unlimited. With limited life to the pursuit of infinite knowledge, really dangerous ah! Already dangerous, but also dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, then in addition to what the danger is gone. Know how to use the poker analyzer to scan the barcode deck to predict the winner of the poker game, this will help you avoiding cheating.

  • Blog: Always try to learn new things, maybe fail, maybe success, during the learning process, you will gain lots of things, maybe it not usefull at this moment, but at some point, it may brings you benifits. It's like when you get into some shop which to sell poker analyzer or contact lens with marked cards, you know how to use it. in some day, you can use the contact lenses to protect yourself from the cheating poker game.

  • Blog: Convenience: With the advancement of technology, it offers the comfort of playing at home. Many casinos have successfully made the game so simple line, that even first-time computer users can start playing. We have the experience of real life, we can see the dealer and other players play their turns. You can enjoy an exciting game every time you play online. If you use the poker analyzer, scanning camera and barcode cards marked, you can know the winner of the game Directly and in a faster way.

  • Blog: The origin of Thanksgiving in American history has been traced back to the originator. In 1620, the famous "Mayflower" ship loaded with unbearable religious persecution Puritan Britain 102 people arrived in America. 1620 and winter of 1621 the turn, they encountered difficulties hard to imagine, in the cold and hunger among, after the winter, only 50 survived immigrants come. Maybe using the contact lenses and marked cards to make your friends and families more joyful.

  • Blog: Buymarekedcards.com is the earliest and largest brand with production and marketing company, engaged in all kinds of brand with entertainment products of high-tech companies. Its focused entertainment products R & D, production, sales and after-sales service. Products include single-person operation analyzer single operation contact lens, poker, mahjong, Pai Gow, cheese, remote control dice and all brand of marked cards. Its products are sold throughout the country, in the domestic provinces and cities have their agents and distributors. Mainly engaged in various types of cards with entertainment products.

  • Blog: learn to use poker skill is very important in win the poker game. Like the lenses can see the marked cards during the game, the poker scanning camera can scan the barcode marked cards and send the date to poker analyzer, then you can know the winner of the game by spy earpiece. It is very important to know this skill, you gain more lucky with this an-ti poker cheating device.

  • Blog: Poker fifty-four, two king size sun and the moon, and the remaining 52 are 52 weeks throughout the year. Spades ♠, hearts ♥, clubs ♣, ♦ representatives of the box spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons. Quarterly 13, representatives of the season 13 weeks. Point 13 of each pattern (1-13) add up to 91 points, but on a quarterly basis is 91 days, the four seasons are added, plus Wang is 365 days, the normal number of days a year, and coupled with the king is 366, table leap year. In addition, only two full-color cards, red table during the day, the black night.

  • Blog: when life turn to no rules, you should cherish each minute like last minute of life. Enjoy life become the first big things of your life. Stay with family and freind will enhence your happiness, stay with your family, friend to play marked playing cards will also make your freinds and children gain more happiness. with special contact lenses and marked cards, you can bring them a impressive magic show.

  • Blog: like it or not, this is life,it is just like a poker game, you thought you can win the game with your lucky, but the fact is that other may know the winner of the game via some special poker analyzer or scanning camera device. You think the all the lucky is belongs to you, but other playing already control the table. Maybe you need to learn more poker tricks and more poker cheating device after you go back.

  • Blog: luminous sunglasses is well know for the simple operation. Just need to wear the special sunglasses, you can read the marks on the marked cards, take off the sunglasses, you can not read the marks, that is mean other players without sunglasses can not see the marked cards, many players like this poker cheating device just beacuse it is very simple to test if there is any cheating marked cards on the poker table.

  • Blog: iPhone 6 can be made as poker cheating device, many people still don't know, cause poker players know himself the iphone 6 maybe as a poker scanning camera or poker analyzer, they use it to scanning the barcode marked cards, but they never told you this secret, as they apperance it as a normal smart Iphone 6, and it can be make phone call and send messgea, so others won't suspest it will be a poker scanner.

  • Blog: Copag barnd is the marked cards which be used in Italian area. The Copag marked cards for contact lesnes to read can be made to work under different kinds of light condition, and the big mark can be read by contact lenses or lumnious sunglasses from 7 meters away.

  • Blog: People sometimes want to bet if they have good lucky on the poker table. The reality is people don’t always win, but the real fun is in the playing, not the winning. Sometimes you can learn some poker tricks to gain your lucky. Sometimes you can use an-ti poker cheating device like the poker analyzer, or poker scanner to avoiding others is cheating on the table. even you can not win every time, but try not lose everything due to others is use the poker cheating poker scanning.

  • Blog: As for the marked cards for contact lens and luminous sunglasses to see, the KEM marked cards is the most difficult to make, as for its special original material, the marked cards is very easy to stick together after the marking process. So the price of the KEM marked cards is much higher than other marked playing cards. The KEM barcode marked cards is also can be made.

  • Blog: Why Google need to overhaul of its corporate structure? just like some players need to use the contact lenses to see if there is any marked cards on the poker table. Google need new structure to regian the company increase, and poker players also need the poker cheating device to avoid other people using the poker analyzer system in the game.

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