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  • Blog: Players cannot be the winner, the reason is a lots, some people would thing others are too smart, and i am not that smart, they can know what i have in hand, it likes wear a pair of perspective infrared contact lens, but the fact is not like that, there is always another mountain, when you try hard to know more. You will find the truth.

  • Blog: When you take part on the poker game, you should try to listen, listen to other players how to play the game. If other players wear the iPhone 6 cell phone? spy earpiece, or some small samsung smart phone be put into pocket. You have to learn all of those things to confirm if others bring some poker cheating products on table.

  • Blog: Julie want to find some special marked playing cards for his poker game. But he doesn't know what is the special, he thinks special playing cards is which his area don't use, so he use the Copag texas hold'em, actually this is also can be marked by invisible ink. This cards would be great playing cards for Julie to play the cards game.

  • Blog: Never try the infrared camera players will think it is very complicated, as it is need other 2 people corporation. But once you are familiar how it works, you will like this poker cheating device, cause it is the most safe way for playing the poker game.

  • Blog: the natural color of the infrared contact lens is black dot in the middle, it is just for cover the pupil area, it won't change the eye color, and different quality lens can read the quality marked cards in different clarity.

  • Blog: According to our sources, De J. wasn't a skilled poker player, that he hardly understood the game at all and stood no chance of winning. He approached it as a pure game of chance, without any knowledge of strategy. But no one knows if he use some poker cheating device during the poker game.

  • Blog: She told me that do not use the infrared contact lens, cause she won't want me to win more money during the poker game, she said other people will notice that if i win a lot of money. But as i go to different casino and different poker club, so there is less people notice me and they are also like to play the cards game with new poker player.

  • Blog: Even you don't use the poker analyzer system, how do you win the poker playing cards game. Maybe the way to keep you not lose the game is that do not playing the cards game any more. But if there is any way not use the poker scanner but still can win.

  • Blog: Find the best price for the infrared contact lens online. But how to get that good price for the sale representative? you should know when you buy more quantity of the marked playing cards, the sale representative will give you a better price then. If you are afraid of the quality of the poker cheating device, you can try to buy some sample juiced deck or sunglasses in favorable price at the first time.

  • Blog: Except the Texas holdem, omaha, Seka, what do you know elsa about the poker game? May you know remmy? Domino? or You may know the poker cheating device? do you know the poker analyzer to scan the barcode marked cards? This is reason you need to learn more about the poker scanner system.

  • Blog: when you sit beside the poker table, loses a game is inevitable. if there is any way to avoid loss less money, or win the game when you have a good hand. yes, there is poker cheating device which can help you to achieve that. it is poker analyzer, which can let you know who is the winner of the game, by scan the barcode deck.

  • Blog: No one can help you to win the texas holdem poker game. Unless you learn how to use the infrared contact lens to read the marked playing cards in person. only this way, you can know other players' hand, and win the game.

  • Blog: When he focusing on marking the playing cards, he know nothing about the world around. He said only focuse can make you to do thing perfectly. Then make the marked cards in perfect way to match with the infrared contact lens only.

  • Blog: when you start to learn how to use the infrared contact lens to read the marked playing cards, other people already used the poker analyzer system to scan the barcode deck, you have to hurry up, otherwise, you will never be the king of the poker table.

  • Blog: if the long poker camera distance is better than the short distance infrared poker camera? which one can scan the barcode marked cards more faster and give the winner of the game faster? how far can put the poker scanner from the poker analyzer?

  • Blog: why many players would like to use the poker analyzer is cooperated with barcode marked cards now? cause the marked cards cannot be detected by UV light, and the color of the playing cards won't be changed. the barcode marked deck cannot be seen by naked eyes.

  • Blog: how do you spent your days during holiday? will you play cards game with your friend? do you want to impressive your friend with poker analyzer and contact lenses with marked cards device? use those poker cheating device, you can know which is the winner of the poker game.

  • Blog: Tried hard to use the sunglasses to read the marked cards under sunshine, but nothing can read. At the first i thought it was the producer lied to me and gave me bad products. after i double checked with them and find some marked cards can only be used outside, and some can only be used indoor.

  • Blog: what is Copag marked playing cards? many players are familiar with the infrared invisible ink, but it some time is not works well, infrared contact lens can see the marks, naked eyes sometimes also can see.

  • Blog: do not playing the invisible ink be made by hand writing marked cards, cause the invisible ink mark may be seen by naked eyes, better to use the printer to print the marked cards, actually do not play the poker game when you see other people use the marked cards and contact lens on the poker table.

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