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  • Blog: The best poker game experience of Wuta is in a poker club in Italy, he won lot of money at that time, cause no body knows that he took a poker scanning camera inside the chip tray, and poker analyzer is his phone, and he just put it on the poker table, other people won't regards it is actually poker analyzer system.

  • Blog: Time fly only, when he was a child, he followed his father into the poker room, and he find some people wear the sunglasses, he feel that is cool, when he grow up and enter into the poker club again, he release that the infrared sunglasses is acctually be used to read the marked playing cards.

  • Blog: Her first official job is a dealer in the Poker dealer in the poker casino. Why she want to become a dealer? cause when she was graduated, she get into the casino and find the dealer use the poker cheating infrared camera to read the marked cards, and win a lot of money for the casino.

  • Blog: Ching is fun of the Texas holdem poker game, he likes it very much, and he also lost much money in it, cause there are some players use the poker analyzer system to cheat on the game, as the phone is normally use, he didn't release the celphone is acctually a poker cheating scanner.

  • Blog: If you want see a luxury bag show, you can go to the Las Vegas casino, cause being here, you can see every young lady present with the fine bag, but nobody knows the bag may hold some marked cards or some poker cheating device. As seldom people will notice the beauty will bring some poker analyzer system to scan the barcode deck.

  • Blog: When the planet has a war with others, your hand hold a pair of contact lenses which can see the future, if you will use it? just like you hold a the infrared lenses which can read the marked cards on the poker table, if you will wear the lens but do not told others?

  • Blog: No matter you play the poker game or not, you still need one pair of infrared sunglasses or infrared contact lenses to check if the playing cards on table is just normal deck.Other wise you will squader all the money like a idoit.

  • Blog: Summer holiday will come soon, maybe you will choose to play poker game in some cool plaze with your friend, and you shoule prepare for some poker device like the infrared sunglasses to read the marks on the back of the playing cards, then your friend will be admire your smart and hill skill on the poker game.

  • Blog: Luis consulted his best friend for how to use the poker scanner to scan the bar code deck, his friend did not tell him the answer directly, but just give him the poker analyzer system and ask him to practice more time, after one month later, Luis invite his friend for dinner to show them the magic way to scan the marked cards.

  • Blog: Show off is not a good things to the poker players, some players become to the winner of the Texas holdem poker game, and he will squander the money for drunk or others, when drunk, they will tell how they win the money with the poker cheating device, like to use the infrared camera to read the marks on the playing cards.

  • Blog: Jimmy likes to use the luminous sunglasses to check the quality of the marked playing cards, when he playing the poker game, he will wear the infrared contact lens, cause that way, others players cannot notice what he wear. it is very easy to wear, and also the effect to read the mark is better.

  • Blog: For the first time he use the poker scanning camera, but he cannot master it, cauase the position of the scanner cannot cast to the barcode on the marked cards correctly, after serveral times pratise, he can finally use the button camera in a good way and keep other people cannot notice of the poker scanner.

  • Blog: Chip tray is normally be put on the table, and it is black, one one will think it can be made as a poker scanning camera, it is actually a poker cheating device, which can be use to scan the barcode on the marked playing cards. The good part for the players is that seldom people will notice that.

  • Blog: What is the best experience when you being a poker player? if the moment of winning the poker game is the best time? i think most of the people will have the same feeling as me. and use contact lens to read the marked playing cards, can enhance your chance to win others.

  • Blog: Poker analyzer is not familar with the green hand who just enter into the poker game circle, but many experianced players knows how to use the poker scanning camera to scan the barcode marked playing cards, then get the winner result of the texas holdem poker game.

  • Blog: Julie don't know the poker cheating scanning device when he start to playing the poker game with others. But when you loss much money, he start to realize some kind of sunglasses is not just sunglasses simple, players use it to read the mark on the back of the playing cards.

  • Blog: die Infrarot Kontaktlinse Verkaufs Mädchen wird das Paket, den sie Ihre Zahlungsinformationen erhalten versenden. Der markierte Spielkarten Paket wird Ihre Hand auf eine schnelle Art und Weise vor. und das Verkaufs Mädchen wird Sie informieren, wie die Infrarot-Kontakt linsen mit markierten Kartenspiels Schritt für Schritt zu verwenden und zu schützen.

  • Blog: the infrared contact lens sales girl will ship the package one she get your payment information. The marked playing cards parcel will arrive your hand in a quick way. and the sales girl will instruct you how to use and protect the infrared contact lenses with marked deck step by step.

  • Blog: Andy knows well about the poker cheating device, he can see the marked playing cards by his first sight, and use the poker analyzer and know which deck is the barcode deck, but he won't tell others, cause if he let others know, he can not leave the poker club in good condition.

  • Blog: He contact with the best seller of the infrared contact lens to read the playing cards, but the seller told him that the red plastic marked cards is better for you to read by the poker cheating device. and the poker analyzer system won't have this problem, any types of playing cards can be made as barcode deck.

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