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  • Blog: Scanning system is a very good cheating tool in the poker games, there is a small high definition scanning camera inside, it can scan the marked cards, and then transmit the signal to the poker analyzer , and the analyzer transmit the information to the earphone. So you can know who is the best hand and best second hand.

  • Blog: Lots of player are curiosity about the remote control dice, how does the remote controller to control the marked dice when it put inside the bowl, and also many players look for the infrared contact lenses which can see through the bowl. But which poker cheat products is real? and it is really workable for the dice game.

  • Blog: With our company’s development,we produce a new poker table, perspective poker table.You no need marked cards,no need contact lenses or any other cheating tools on the table.You just need normal cards.Any things or even normal cards can be scanned by the table.

  • Blog: Does UK quit EU will matter the poker game industry? Many economy expect says that the UK quit EU will change the world. So players may not have enough cash to buy the infrared contact lenses and marked cards for the game, as there is less poker device be used in the poker game, less interesting in the game, so poker game will not so popular as before.

  • Blog: Poker players try to find the printing machine, cause many people would like to print their own marked cards, this way the could buy the special invisible ink, they can print the invisible mark on each playing cards. As for the juiced cards printer cannot run as normal cards.

  • Blog: Many people do believe that the magician has the special ability to see through the playing cards. But actually the secret is the magician used the marked cards deck, and they just wear the magic contact lenses, then they can read the invisible ink mark on the playing cards, but not see through the deck.

  • Blog: After reading many stories about world poker champion, have you dreamed to be a poker star,always winning in the poker game?Our infrared contact lenses can help you winning in the poker games.You can see the back marked cards clearly after wearing the contact lenses.And we also have infrared sunglasses if you want.

  • Blog: Spy earpiece is important part of the poker analyzer system, if the voice of the earpiece is too small, you can not hear the winner result from the poker scanner clearly, that means this poker cheat device is useless for you. So the quality of the spy earpiece play a important role in the poker scanning cheating system.

  • Blog: Many players asked what is the different of the Copag texas holdem marked cards with the Modiano texas holdem. They will consider if the mark quality is the same, or under different light, the invisible ink mark will appear to the naked eyes. Actually the reason is simple that because different area use different playing cards.

  • Blog: Capacity of the Samsung poker analyzer, and its inside poker scanner is 1000 set per month, the quality of this poker cheating device is very good, which can help you to scan the marked cards within 0.1 seconds. As the speed is so fast, and the result is accurate, so it is very popular in the poker game circle.

  • Blog: Wallet cards exchanger can help you to exchange the normal playing cards, this good point of this poker cheat device is that no need other help, and it don't need the marked cards, cause many players cannot change the playing cards with the invisible ink mark deck. The playing cards exchanger device can help you to make it.

  • Blog: A helpful cheating tool can help you win more money in the poker game.Contact lenses and infrared sunglasses can help you read the back marked cards,scanning camera can help you scanning the marked cards and will tell you by a earpiece,scanning system not only can scan the cards but also can analyze the the suits and report the outcome.

  • Blog: Remember the playing marked cards magic show that your father bring to you? your father seems can see through the cards, actually he wear the infrared contact lenses, and the playing cards is actually mark with invisible ink, that only the special IR lenses can read it. if you know at that time, you can use the luminous sunglasses to check the cards.

  • Blog: Do you want to wear a cool infrared sunglasses,which can read the marked cards in the poker game,but the naked eyes can not see anything,and we also have different color infrared contact lenses for you,it will not change your eyes color.

  • Blog: If you are fond of remmy, you will know there is kind of products named Marked remmy, which help you to win the game, cause wear the infrared contact lenses, can let you read the juice mark on the back of remmy, sometimes if the invisible ink is not good, it may visible by naked eyes.

  • Blog: Jess read the entire information about the poker cheating device, and he trying to get one set of the poker analyzer system to try first, cause he knows that the poker scanner can scan the winner result, just need him to put the barcode marked cards in correct place. It is a good way than the juiced cards.

  • Blog: How to improve your poker skills? many players will use the juiced marked cards, cause they think it is very simple, and they just need to wear the infrared contact lenses, it is like the poker cheat lenses, as it very simple, other people can also use the UV light to check the marked deck.

  • Blog: Good quality marked playing cards means hard working, focusing on the invisible ink proportion, light, packing and other small details, then the invisible mark can be seen by infrared contact lenses very clearly, also with the luminous sunglasses, but the naked eyes can never see it.

  • Blog: When you never try the infrared contact lenses, you never know it actually can read the marked playing cards, which has the invisible ink mark on it. Lots of players use it cheating in the Texas holdem and Omaha game, cause it is very easy to use, and also can help the color blindness people to read the red color.

  • Blog: A million dollar winner in the $565 during the Poker Texas Hold'em game, if the winner use the poker cheating device to exchange the playing cards? or if there is any infrared contact lenses to read the invisible ink mark? You can see the video for the game to find out if there is any unusual movement they made when they start to win.

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