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  • Blog: How to cheat in the poker game when using others cards? This is a big problem for many players.Texas Hold'em scanning system is designed for normal cards without being processed.This excellent poker device always are popular with many players. Because it can report the result very fast and 100% accurate.And it is conveniet to take out.

  • Blog: Poker has already begun to expand the global. The development of poker device also improve the poker develop, poker device makes players perform better in the poker game,for example,a scanning camera can be hide in different place and help players to scan the cards. so the player also face the more and more difficult challenge in the poker game.And this may make players have a excited experience.

  • Blog: Viktor "Isildur1" Blom is known for a large fluctuations in high stakes online cash game of poker. However, according to this Swedish occupation Hold'em players said, he also efforts at low-level cards. Reporters asked him what the new policy trend in high stakes game Blom said" I do not know. There are a lot of new tools , everyone now seems to be more splendid. Even if I knew, I would not say it, because you know."It is obviously, many players use a scanning camera will make you a breakthrough in the poker.

  • Blog: Chip tray is very ordinary on the poker table. Have you think a chip tray can help you scanning the marked card in the poker game. We can make it. Our chip tray has a scanning camera inside, and it can work with a poker analyzer. So you can get some useful information you want through a chip tray scanning camera.

  • Blog: Modiano Piacentine can be made as a good invisible ink. it can be read by lighter poker scanner very clearly, the package can be resealed as the original new one, from the surface, no one can recognize it is a barcode marked playing cards. and it can be made in red and black color.

  • Blog: Do you concern about the World Series of Poker. After the Jason Mercier bet, now the biggest news of WSOP is that Chris Ferguson and Howard Lederer come back."Jesus buy $10,000 in Six Hand Championship and finally win the fourth and gain $ 183,989 prize money. Maybe a poker scanning system can help him winning more.

  • Blog: Modiano Piacentine can be made as a good invisible ink, it can be read by lighter poker scanner very clearly, the package can be resealed as the original new one, from the surface, no one can recognize it is a barcode marked playing cards. and it can be made in red and black color.

  • Blog: Poker cheating camera can be made in many kinds of forms, like the power bank poker scanner, which can charge for the mobile phone, MP4 and many devices, it is a good cover, and sure the real fuction is scanning the barcode marked cards. And the focus distance can be made according to the real needs.

  • Blog: Las vegas city owns a lots of casino, and some visitors complaint there is dealer inside the casino cheat with some player together, they called inner corruption. The pour the dealer use the marked poker cards to instead the normal playing cards. and players can use the poker cheat device like the UV contact lenses to read the mark.

  • Blog: Juice ink is magic tool, which can make the mark on the playing cards, before you show to the audience, and you can wear a sunglasses to read it, or infrared contact lenses can also read the mark, if you are a magician, you would better to have one set of the contact lens with the invisible ink.

  • Blog: There are so many kinds of poker analyzer in the market. how can i know which types of poker scanning system is the best one? and which types can read the bar code marked cards in fast way? and can connect with many version of the poker scanning camera? also which types of the spy earpiece is the best one?

  • Blog: More and more Brazil and Russian require to buy the invisible ink to mark the playing cards, as the playing cards brand is change frequently. For the juice ink mark, sometimes not only infrared contact lenses, but also can read by naked eyes. so for the safety of the poker game, it is better to use the machine printing marked cards.

  • Blog: The clock stands on the wall silently, one one would think it is a poker cheat scanning camera, which can scan the bar code marked cards, cause it works without any noise,and the signal to connect with the poker analyzer is in perfect way. Every ambition poker players should own the clock scanner.

  • Blog: What happens to the players who wear the old school luminous sunglasses when play the texas holdem game? As the sunglasses is dark, you can not see the environment clearly as the marked cards, so many players would like to chose the infrared contact lenses to make the sunglasses invisible.

  • Blog: What is the advantage of the Watch poker scanning camera? Obviously, wear a Watch is normal thing, the first advantage this poker scanner won't be noticed by others, and you can control the camera position yourself, it is much flexible. The second is that can be matched with different types of the poker analyzer. It is very smart.

  • Blog: Copag 1546 has many colors for choice, and some color like red and orange can be marked with invisible ink in good condition. So this kind of marked cards is very popular in the poker cheat device circle. Paired with good quality magic contact lenses, the effect would perfect.

  • Blog: As people knows the electronic bracelets can help you record the data about the health. Poker players should also know the Samsung poker analyzer can also help you to know who have the poker cheating device when you play the poker game. The poker analyzer system is good for your wealthy.

  • Blog: Players like to smoking when they playing the cards game, then they will put cigarette box on table, it is normally thing, then install a poker scanning camera inside the cigarette box is unnoticed thing for others, it is safe way to use the cigarette box to scan the barcode marked cards.

  • Blog: Chip is a very normal things on casino.Have you used scanning camera in the poker games before?We can make the chip to be a scanning camera.Chip scanning camera is safe and convenient cheating tool.It can help you scanning the marked cards in the poker games.

  • Blog: Modiano texas holdem playing cards, which is normally used in European countries and USA, this cards can also be juiced with the invisible ink mark, and let you to read by the special poker contact lenses, or be scanned by the infrared camera. Due to it is widely used, no one will think it actually is poker cheat cards.

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