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  • Blog: Many people will concern the price of the sunglasses or infrared contact lens and marked cards. But they won't know the different price are with different quality class. Normally, higher price decks is good marking quality. and low price is bad marking quality. Many people just thought the cheap price is most important. But they don't think about the safety. Buy good marking quality marked cards will much safe when you play the game. cause other people won't see the infrared ink on the playing cards.

  • Blog: How use the poker analyzer in the magic show<br> Video is all the rage on the Internet and is becoming more popular with every passing day. Use video to teach you how to use the poker cheating device is more effect way to know how the poker scanner and poker analyzer works. Uses with a mobile device or tablet are three times more likely to look at a video, as opposed to laptop or desktop users.

  • Blog: Was die Pokerwelt betrifft, so hat sich das Kalenderjahr 2015 zu einem Ende gekommen. In Pokernews Tradition, unsere Mitarbeiter durch die Archive verschoben und über die spannendsten Geschichten des Jahres gegangen, um festzustellen, was wir fühlen, sind die Top-10 des Jahres. Unsere Liste wurde auf der Grundlage einer Abstimmung von Mitarbeitern und Publikum Feedback erzeugt.

  • Blog: When forge boy grown up, he try his best to become a gentleman. He try to master of the his own life. It is like on the poker game, his want to take in charge of poker game, and know each piece of the cards point and color ahead. How can he done this? only with the contact lens and marked cards can help, and his practice every days before to he enter into the poker club.

  • Blog: Many people probably did not think, in fact, is the name of Schengen in Luxembourg in a small village. Luxembourg drive along Highway 23 to the southeast European direction, along the way will see the "Schengen" signs, about half an hour to the famous village of Schengen. It is one of only a few hundred families in the small village, clear Mosuo Er river flowing slowly across the river in Germany, south of France. In other words, Schengen is France, Germany and Luxembourg, the junction of the three countries, described as cock Three of the land.

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GS Marked Cards Entertainment Products Limited always offers professional service, superior quality, fast delivery and follow-up service after each business transaction, we are specialized in invisible ink marking cards, marked cards lenses, texas hold'em poker game analyzer and Omaha analyzer, IR camera. Dedicate to developing and improving the anti poker cheating products in casino or poker club and magic usage invisible ink poker contact lenses for magician. It's our responsibility to offer topnotch service.

Invisible Ink Infrared Marked Cards

Wearing the special lens, you can read the fine mark on the back of the Infrared Marked Cards, but the naked eyes cannot see them.

Texas hold'em poker analyzer and omaha poker analyzer

Our latest Texas Holdem Scanning System is the most advanced device in predicting the outcome of Texas Holdem game. It can be operated by only one person. Within one second, via a stealth earpiece, it will tell you who is the first and the second winner, even the rank of all players. The accuracy is 100% and response super fast.