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  • Blog: Julie don't know the poker cheating scanning device when he start to playing the poker game with others. But when you loss much money, he start to realize some kind of sunglasses is not just sunglasses simple, players use it to read the mark on the back of the playing cards.

  • Blog: die Infrarot Kontaktlinse Verkaufs Mädchen wird das Paket, den sie Ihre Zahlungsinformationen erhalten versenden. Der markierte Spielkarten Paket wird Ihre Hand auf eine schnelle Art und Weise vor. und das Verkaufs Mädchen wird Sie informieren, wie die Infrarot-Kontakt linsen mit markierten Kartenspiels Schritt für Schritt zu verwenden und zu schützen.

  • Blog: the infrared contact lens sales girl will ship the package one she get your payment information. The marked playing cards parcel will arrive your hand in a quick way. and the sales girl will instruct you how to use and protect the infrared contact lenses with marked deck step by step.

  • Blog: Andy knows well about the poker cheating device, he can see the marked playing cards by his first sight, and use the poker analyzer and know which deck is the barcode deck, but he won't tell others, cause if he let others know, he can not leave the poker club in good condition.

  • Blog: He contact with the best seller of the infrared contact lens to read the playing cards, but the seller told him that the red plastic marked cards is better for you to read by the poker cheating device. and the poker analyzer system won't have this problem, any types of playing cards can be made as barcode deck.

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GS Marked Cards Entertainment Products Limited always offers professional service, superior quality, fast delivery and follow-up service after each business transaction, we are specialized in invisible ink marking cards, marked cards lenses, texas hold'em poker game analyzer and Omaha analyzer, IR camera. Dedicate to developing and improving the anti poker cheating products in casino or poker club and magic usage invisible ink poker contact lenses for magician. It's our responsibility to offer topnotch service.

Invisible Ink Infrared Marked Cards

Wearing the special lens, you can read the fine mark on the back of the Infrared Marked Cards, but the naked eyes cannot see them.

Texas hold'em poker analyzer and omaha poker analyzer

Our latest Texas Holdem Scanning System is the most advanced device in predicting the outcome of Texas Holdem game. It can be operated by only one person. Within one second, via a stealth earpiece, it will tell you who is the first and the second winner, even the rank of all players. The accuracy is 100% and response super fast.