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  • Blog: When the planet has a war with others, your hand hold a pair of contact lenses which can see the future, if you will use it? just like you hold a the infrared lenses which can read the marked cards on the poker table, if you will wear the lens but do not told others?

  • Blog: No matter you play the poker game or not, you still need one pair of infrared sunglasses or infrared contact lenses to check if the playing cards on table is just normal deck.Other wise you will squader all the money like a idoit.

  • Blog: Summer holiday will come soon, maybe you will choose to play poker game in some cool plaze with your friend, and you shoule prepare for some poker device like the infrared sunglasses to read the marks on the back of the playing cards, then your friend will be admire your smart and hill skill on the poker game.

  • Blog: Luis consulted his best friend for how to use the poker scanner to scan the bar code deck, his friend did not tell him the answer directly, but just give him the poker analyzer system and ask him to practice more time, after one month later, Luis invite his friend for dinner to show them the magic way to scan the marked cards.

  • Blog: Show off is not a good things to the poker players, some players become to the winner of the Texas holdem poker game, and he will squander the money for drunk or others, when drunk, they will tell how they win the money with the poker cheating device, like to use the infrared camera to read the marks on the playing cards.

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GS Marked Cards Entertainment Products Limited always offers professional service, superior quality, fast delivery and follow-up service after each business transaction, we are specialized in invisible ink marking cards, marked cards lenses, texas hold'em poker game analyzer and Omaha analyzer, IR camera. Dedicate to developing and improving the anti poker cheating products in casino or poker club and magic usage invisible ink poker contact lenses for magician. It's our responsibility to offer topnotch service.

Invisible Ink Infrared Marked Cards

Wearing the special lens, you can read the fine mark on the back of the Infrared Marked Cards, but the naked eyes cannot see them.

Texas hold'em poker analyzer and omaha poker analyzer

Our latest Texas Holdem Scanning System is the most advanced device in predicting the outcome of Texas Holdem game. It can be operated by only one person. Within one second, via a stealth earpiece, it will tell you who is the first and the second winner, even the rank of all players. The accuracy is 100% and response super fast.