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  • Blog: where can find the website to explain how to use the poker scanning system and poker scanning camera? and how to marked the barcode cards? if there is any printer can mark my own playing deck? also the one to one contact lenses and marked cards is really exist?

  • Blog: lose money in gamlbing is normal things when other poker players use some high technolony device like poker cheating scanning system with barcode marked cards, luminous sunglasses with marked playing cards, most of people can not recogize the marked playing cards by naked eyes, as it only can see by some speical Infrared contact lenses or poker scanning camera.

  • Blog: how to use the poker scanning system to avoid losing money during the poker game?First, you should know that the poker scanning system consist of 4 import parts, which is one poker analyzer namely CPU, one poker scanning camera, one deck of barcode marked playing cards, and one earpiece to let you know the winner of the game.

  • Blog: luminous marked cards with infrared sunglasses which is the perfect match an-ti poker cheating device. The sunglasses can see the marks on the back of the playing cards, then you can know if other people is using poker cheating device like marked playing cards or scanning camera and poker analyzer sytsem on the table.

  • Blog: where can you buy cheating marked cards with good quality contact lenses? If there is anyone can share the marked deck card tricks? And how does the marked playing cards can be sealed as new deck which never be opened? What if the marked cards be stored into the fridge?

  • Blog: Does the light or wind matter the scanning camera and poker analyzer works function? Is there is any anti poker cheating device can suitable for any kinds of lamp? Also if the red barcode marked playing cards works better than blu marked barcode cards? if there is any poker scanning system can work both for omaha and texas holdem game?

  • Blog: Lots of people still don't know there is a new technology for the fluorescent marked cards. And those not IR not UV marked cards was born last year. And it can co-work with the special infrared scanning camera perfectly, which can not be detected by other anti poker cheating device. Only special camera system can see.

  • Blog: He get into house, he finds out the house is full of poker marked playing cards. cause his friend wins lots of money via the poker analyzer system with the scanning camera and barcode deck. They are crazy, then they throw the marked luminous cards everywhere in the house.

  • Blog: when the printed marked cards is firstly be used for the magic show by magician, since one day a gambler saw this kind of show and determined to use those tricks on the poker table. and some people start to develop the infrared contact lenses and analyzer system.

  • Blog: Go to another country means you need to start all over again. like someone are usually use the infrared lenses and marked invisible cards, and you ask him to change to use scanning camera and barcode cards. Many people are just not get used of it at the first few days, but sooner they will find what is the good things that the changes bring.

  • Blog: what the smartest things that David has done was booked a set of scanning poker analyzer system with barcode marked playing cards online. According to his experience, this kind of scanner and analyzer can help him to an-ti poker cheating during the poker game. He said with those device and marked cards, he was avoided to lose money.

  • Blog: Las vegas is famous for the casino, also Las vegas dice is beautiful crystal clear. Even it is ctystal clear, buy marked cards still can make the dice as remote control dice, use this productcs, you can control the dice number as you need, it is like the luminous sunglasses with marked playing cards which is very easy to use and control by oneself.

  • Blog: Lily is crazy for gamling before, she tried to go to China to buy some infrared contact lenses with marked luminous cards to have a fund. But fow now, she thinks that gamling is not a good thing, and she try to tell people that gambling maybe cause you to lose much money by showing people the poker scanning system with barcode marked cards.

  • Blog: I have been to many place around the world in the past decades, when i was on the Himalayas, i take back one small piece of rock, when i was on the Las vagas casino, i won some money with the poker analyzer system, sometime with the luminous sunglases and marked playing cards. And soon i give the money away to some charity funds.

  • Blog: Many people said that our price higher then others, but they chose to purchase our marked playing cards in the end. Because most of them have used the cheap marked luminous cards with poor quality, then they finally know the poor one just bring them many problems.

  • Blog: earpieces for analyzer and scanning camera are our premium amplified headsets which allow you to hear voices clearer and a magnitute clearer than the ordinary headphones included to each set. They are made from a special padded skin-friendly material, which provides a compact fit to the ear, the sound is louder for up to 5 times compared with our ordinary earpieces.

  • Blog: If the poker cheating device is expensive? how does the perspective table scanning camera works? And if there is really One to One infrared lenses with marked playing cards exist. Many poker players want to know those details, if you really want to know just contact skype: luminouscards to know the correct answer.

  • Blog: Some marked cards supplier wants to sell more marked luminous cards and contact lens, so they just decrease the quality and sell at low price. Those bad quality cards can not be seen by infrared contact lenses or infrared sunglasses. It is actually useless for the poker player. If you want to buy the high quality marked playing cards, we suggest you to contact skype luminouscards

  • Blog: Many people like playing poker games very much, Jimmy White is one of the players. He likes all kinds of poker games, for example blackjack and Texas Hold’em and so on. But do you also know how to use the infrared marked cards and contact lens to an-ti the poker cheating in the poker game.

  • Blog: Have you ever head som reports said that there is something else to help this girl to achieve the success. Actually, there is something you can’t imagine. Some normal things like phone, car key and so on. These things can be installed scanning camera. All you need to do is to put the car key or phone casually on the table, then you can play the game in an easy way.

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