The application of far infrared on poker marked cards and poker camera     2016-09-13

The infrared can also be applied to the poker marked playing cards, poker infrared camera, far infrared poker system. 

come truccare un mazzo di carte da poker     2016-09-12

Perche puo anche essere fatto come One to One inchiostro infrarossi segnato carte per il fotocamera poker infared a sola lettura. 

Ultimate secret deck marking system     2016-09-12

The biggest difference between ultimate secret deck marking system and the phone analyzing system is that the way you get the analyzed outcome. 

Professionally mark a deck of playing cards     2016-09-10

The proportion of different of invisible ink composition combined together will affect the vision of the marks. 

Invisible ink marks on side marked cards     2016-09-09

But the shapes of the marks are totally different. The marks are the varying lengths of line. 

Magic contact lenses marked cards     2016-09-08

The invisible ink marks will not affect the color and the smell of the playing cards. 

Cheating playing cards scanning device in power bank     2016-09-07

And the function of charging can be a protection for you in the poker gambling game, because no one will suspect a charging power bank. 

The latest radio wave dice for winning in gambling     2016-09-06

Radio dice is work with a electronic receiver to know the single and double numbers in the dice bowl. 

Casino blackjack dealer shoe     2016-09-06

You can not only see the suits and the point of the playing cards, but also can exchange the poker cards. 

Poker predictor software     2016-09-05

If you want to use by yourself, you can customize the poker predictor software set in smart phone. 

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