Due to the practical function and convenience, marked cards contact lenses are more and more popular by the gamblers.
To meet different kinds of poker players need, we have developed various kinds of marked cards contact lenses for sale, so you could choose the suitable color to fit for your eyes. For example, the brown-eyes luminous ink contact lenses, the green-eyes infrared contact lenses, the grey-eyes UV contact lenses, the blue-eye invisible ink pen contact lenses, the green-eye invisible contact lenses and other kinds. These products can help you see invisible ink marks on the backsides of poker cards clearly. And they are suitable to be used in Omaha, Blackjack, Texas Holdem, Baccarat and other kinds of poker games.
The good quality marked cards contact lenses is very soft and easy to wear, so if you want to have a good effect, our omnipotent marked cards contact lenses is highly recommended.

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